Welcome to San Diego Yoga Center 

Serving San Diego's East County Since 2002


San Diego Yoga Center offers yoga classes for all levels of yoga students; young and old, novice and experienced, athletic and sedentary.  We believe various styles of yoga should be available to everyone at reasonable prices and strive to have a community of instructors, staff and students offering support and caring for one another.  It is our belief that yoga is an essential element to healing a broken body and spirit and to maintain a healthy, low-stress style of living.

Holiday Schedule Update for 2015/2016 !

Through the holiday season we will be OPEN!!! Please note the following schedule update however. We hope to see you in yoga room :)

12/24 & 12/25
7:30-8:30AM (60 min Hot)

12/26 & 12/27
7:30-8:30AM (60 min Hot)
9:00-10:30AM (90 min Hot)

7:15-8:15AM (60 min Hot)
9:00-10:30AM (90 min Hot)
11:00-12:00PM (60 min FLOW)
2:00-3:30PM (90 min Hot)

9:00-10:30AM (90 min Hot)
3:30-4:30PM (60 min Hot "Hangover")

1/2 & 1/3
7:30-8:30AM (60 min Hot)
2:00-3:30PM (90 min Hot)


Saturday, December 12 Schedule Change and Holiday Potluck

Vitruvian Santa
This upcoming Saturday, December 12, we'll offer 2 classes ONLY as follows:

8:00-9:15 AM (75 min Hot Yoga)

2:00-3:30 PM (90 min Hot Yoga)

After the 8:00 AM class we'll have our Holiday Potluck! Please bring in something to share as we gather around and enjoy each other's company and goodies! It's always nice to share some time outside of the yoga room with your fellow students and the staff at SDYC. We look forward to seeing you all there!